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Negligible waiting

Your automobile is picked up first when shipping expedited. We charge a premium for this service since it frequently demands the trucker rescheduling some of his other pick-ups.

Frequent updates

You'll get information on a frequent basis via phone and email, but make sure to stay in touch with the assigned trucker and the carrier firm as well.

Personal goods

Ship one suitcase or box filled with personal items (weighing under 100 lbs.) free of charge in the trunk. Remember that the assigned trucker has the authority to search the trunk for illegal materials because to safety regulations.

All you need to give is the car and keys

As long as we aren't delivering to a location that needs such documentation, you won't need to give the designated driver your car's title or registration. Simple as that, just be prepared with the car and the keys.

Why Trust RGS Logistics For Covered Car Shipping?


Delivery from door to door

Send your car door-to-door and expedited. Simply let us know if the designated trucker will have sufficient space to park in front of your house so they can load and unload your car.


Acknowledge your driver

We work hard to maintain open lines of contact with all of our clients by putting them in touch with the auto carrier directly so they can gain information more quickly.


Simple transportation procedure

We frequently transfer people's cars. Because of this, we are able to provide individuals in a rush with shorter pick-up periods and a hassle-free shipping process.


Money-back assurance

Your money is 100% refundable if you decide to use expedited car transport before we assign a carrier.


Included transport safety

While being shipped through expedited car shipment, your car will be insured. Before picking up any loads for us, our carriers must meet specific insurance standards.


Discount for returning customers

We are willing to transport an automobile again when you are ready. For regular consumers, RGS offers exclusive offers. Call us at (800) 595-0865 or use our online chat service to get in touch with a professional.